Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking down the AFC EAST

In the coming days we will be giving our breakdowns of each division in the NFL. I will handle the AFC while Dollar will handle the NFC.
I will start today with the AFC EAST

New England Patriots: (12-4) Nope! I do not see another run at an undeafeated season for the Pats. I still think, like most of you, they are the cream of the crop in the AFC. Tom Brady will once again hook up with Randy Moss to make the most feared duo in the NFL. Add in Wes Welker and Lawrence Maroney and the Pats have the most explosive offense in the NFL and don't look for that to change.
KEY LOSSES: CB Asate Samuel, WR Donte Stallworth, CB Randall Gay and S Eugene Wilson.
KEY ADDITIONS: LB Victor Hobson, TE Marcus Pollard and CB Jason Webster.

New York Jets: (9-7) Brett Favre alone will take this team from a double digit loss team to a .500 team or better. He is the greatest QB to ever play the game and I think he will step right in and help the J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS to a winning record. He has a good WR corp in Coles and Cotchery and rookie TE Dustin Keller, I believe, will have a good year. Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are good enough to move the ball and the Jets OL got better by adding pro bowlers Alan Fanaca and Damien Woody. The Jets defense will be lead by 2nd year LB David Harris and S Kerry Rhodes. Add rookie Vernon Gholsten to the mix and I see better things for the Jets this year.
KEY LOSSES: LB Victor Hobson, LB Jonathan Vilma, WR Justin McCariens and DT Dewayne Robertson.
KEY ADDITIONS: G Alan Fanaca, LB Calvin Pace, LB Vernon Gholsten and FB Tony Richardson.

Buffalo Bills: (5-11) Dick Jauron's team will be led by 3rd year RB Marshawn Lynch. They will have a battle at the QB position with much the much maligned JP Losman and Trent Edwards. Lee Evans is a game breaking deep threat but lacks the ability to be a physical every down threat. There defense is OK but nothing to write home about.
KEY LOSSES: CB Jeremetrius Butler, CB Jason Webster and RB Anthony Thomas.
KEY ADDITIONS: DT Marcus Stroud, LB Kawika Mitchell, CB Will James

Miami Dolphins: (3-13) The Bill Parcells ERA begins in Miami and I don't look for an immediate impact like Parcells has had with other teams. They lost their franchise DE Jason (Dancing Machine) Taylor. They will have a QB battle between newly signed Chad Pennigton, Josh McCown, John Beck and rookie Chad Henne. At RB look for Ronnie Brown to be out for the year by week 6 as usual and Ricky Williams to make a resurrgence in Miami. Yes, I just said that. They have some very good young WR in Ted Ginn Jr and Derek Hagan. Their defense is bad and lost the best 2 defensive players they have had the last 10 years in Taylor and Zach Thomas.
KEY LOSSES: DE Jason Taylor, LB Zach Thomas, WR Marty Booker, DT Keith Traylor and QB Trent Green.
KEY ADDITIONS: LT Jake Long, DT Jason Ferguson, WR Ernest Wilford, LB Akin Ayodele and QB Josh McCown.

Division Winner: New England Patriots

Wild Card: none

MVP: Tom Brady

Best Rookie: Darrelle Revis


tideroll23 said...

i dont usually point out mistakes but how do u forget Brett Favre as a key addition to the J-E-T-S. other than that i completly agree with ur breakdown of the AFC EAST. aslo i really enjoy ur website. keep up the good work. tell seymour i said ROLL TIDE!

Haines said...

You are right sir! I didnt put him on my key additions but I did start my post of them of by saying Brett Favre alone will make them a .500 team or better.

Thanks for pointing that out though.

Haines said...

I usually don't point out mistakes as well but you spelled "also" wrong.

Just kidding. We all have typo's

tideroll23 said...

i was just messing with u cant wait 4 the breakdown of the rest of the AFC. really enjoy the site keep up the good work.