Saturday, August 16, 2008

Photo Finish For Phelps

Micheal Phelps continued his Olympic dominance last night when he beat out Serbia's Milorad Cavic to set a new Olympic record in the 100 m butterfly. Cavic, before the race started, gave Phelps some bulletin board material. When will anyone learn to shut up when it come to Micheal Phelps? The Australians ran their mouth and he shut them up. The French did it the other night and they were shut up and now a Serb ran his mouth and Phelps said he used it as motivation to win last night. He came from 7th place at the split and at the last turn he came from almost a half body lentgh to win in one of the most exciting finishes I have seen.

Here is a hint to anyone that will race against Phelps anytime in the near future..... SHHHHHHHH!!!! He is the Micheal Jordan of mens swimming and nobody is even in the same league as him!!

BREAKING NEWS: Jamaica's Usain Bolt broke the WR in the 100 meters with a 9.69. He broke the world record and did it while celebrating with his arms strected out wide and pounding his chest the final steps of the way. His name is fitting but maybe instead of Usain Bolt we should call him INSANE BOLT!

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