Sunday, August 31, 2008

10 things I saw this weekend in college football

1.) Michigan is no where near what I thought they would be. I knew there would be struggles but I never expected 40 pass attempts and our leading rusher to get 8 carries. I went from an expectation of 8 wins to maybe 6 if we are lucky. I mean for crying out loud we got beat by a Ute? Wow! Football is really slipping in Ann Arbor.

2.) Tyson Lee can play at DI and didnt play great and didnt play bad. Wesley Carroll has some competition on his hands. Defense is good at State and will again be a top defense in the SEC. AD looked good and the only problem is they didn't hand him the ball enough. Also, once again our coaches got in the way of a victory vs. an easy non conference win.

3.) Alabama looked really good. Saban just may be getting those boys ready for a return trip to Atlanta in November. (*cough* *cough* see Seymour I dont always hate on your boys)

4.) LSU did win but I didn't see GREAT QB play. They have a tough head hunting defense as usual and will be tough to beat. Les Miles is a great coach and LSU has a good offense and will design it around their stable of backs and recievers and minimize any mistakes to be made by Hatch and Lee. FWIW I think Lee wins the job at QB soon.

5.) Auburn's wide open no huddle score all the time offense didnt do that well against UL Monroe. They have QB rotation and controversy as well.

6.) Clemson is once again overrated. No, I am not taking anything away from Alabama guys but 2 of the best RB's in the country (James Davis and CJ Spiller) had a combined 8 carries???? Is RichRod coaching in Clemson again?

7.) USC is once again for real. I know Virginia is no powerhouse but they are no cupcake either. Ohio St. fans are holding their breath over Beanie Wells' injury because without him they dont stand a chance vs the Trojans.

8.) Virginia Tech is stupid for redshirting Tyrod Taylor at QB because Sean Glennon is horrific and cannot carry that team offensively like Taylor can. Taylor proved that last year I thought. Look for the redshirt to be coming off soon. Too bad for Hokie fans that it cost them a victory already.

9.) Ole Miss looks like they could have a dangerous offense but they also look like they have a horrific defense. Snead and co. could put up some points since they have a good coach in Nutt and not the cajun gorilla Orgeron anymore.

10.) Pat White can actually throw the ball. I know it was against Villanova but did any of you expect him to throw for 200+ yards with 5 Td's and only 60+ yards rushing?

Feel free to add any of what you guys saw this weekend and before you even think about writing about it, there isn't anything you can say about Michigan or State that I havent told myself or already know. Congrats to you if your team won and if they didn't.....Well you could be me!


Bo Thompson said...

Roll Tide!!!!!!

Haines said...

They looked good man....

tideroll23 said...

Look there is no way Miss St. has or will have the best D in the SEC. Maybe in the state of Mississippi but that's as far as it should go.

Bo Thompson said...

They really did. I know it's only one game and Clemson, but I thought the young guys were ahead of where they should be. Things are looking up in T-Town.

Dollar said...

Tideroll I think he said A top Defense in the SEC not the. I can assure you our Defense was not to blame for the LA Tech game. It is very difficult for ANY Defense to overcome 5 turnovers. Our Defense will be fine however our offense will continue to be one of the worst in the country.

Dollar said...

And as for Alabama I could not have been more impressed with what I saw. Saban will have this team competing for Championships SOON!

tideroll23 said...

Dont get me wrong i'm not pulling against STATE in anyway. I like Croom and I think he's done a great job getting the program back under control(aka like SABAN). I did misunderstand you and I am sorry about that. I hope yall win every game this year except 1(BAMA). So good luck rest of the way. And by the way we beat a very overrated team this weekend so I hope everyone with understand that.