Saturday, September 13, 2008

My thoughts on my teams.....

As I sit here right now I have a trash can next to me in case I vomit again! While I sleep tonight, I will wake up with nightmares of Wesley Carroll overthrowing balls and Woody McCorvey calling HB dive. Also I will be awoken of nightmares of Michigan fumbling yet again vs. Notre Dame. I have endured alot of bad days as a MSU fan and a Michigan fan. Any of you that know me should know that I am a diehard fan who lives thru his teams. This day will go down as one of the worst days for me as a fan in quite a long time.

Let me start first with the MSU game. I want to stand up and YELL "AWESOME JOB DEFENSE!" The best defensive game I have ever witnessed for MSU! Great job by every single defensive player on that field and a big pat on the back to Coach Harbison! At least we have one coach who is smart and understands the game well enough to call a good game. Again I could not be prouder of a group of guys as I am Derek Pegues, Jessie Bowman, Tim Bailey, Dominic Douglas, Keith Fitzhugh and company.... Keep up the great work guys because you are ALL WE HAVE!

Now on to the (pauses and pukes in the trash can) offense. I took the pleasure of going to and looking up the definition of offense. It is as follows:

*the act of attacking; attack or assault: weapons of offense.

*a person, army, etc., that is attacking.


a. the players or team unit responsible for attacking or scoring in a game.
b. the players possessing or controlling the ball, puck, etc., or the aspects or period of a game when this obtains.
c. a pattern or style of scoring attack
d. offensive effectiveness; ability to score

Does any of this remotely describe the MSU offense? I say in a loud resounding voice NO!

Woody McCorvey continues to show an inept ability to be a retarded OC. His calls are predictable, terrible and resemble the same offense at times that State ran in 1970. Wake up Woody and show a little life and try some new things other than the 5 plays you can recall off of NCAA football on Playstation.

Wesley Carroll continues his roller coaster of a season and has another bad game. Against La Tech he looked horrible and last week he looked good even though we were playing a scrub team. Tonight? He looked like a 7th grade school girl with no clue. I honestly believe we would be better off running the "Wild Dog" formation with Dixon and Ducre'. And why would we not give Tyson Lee a chance to show us something. He pushed Carroll to the limits this summer and according to many people, including Dustin, Lee looked better in the scrimmiges. With the way Carroll looked tonight then I see no reason NOT to give Lee a chance to do something. I mean could it have gotten worse? Lee can throw it over recievers heads as much as Carroll. Anyways....I'm disgusted.

Now to Michigan. Just absolutly embarrassed and disgusted at the way we gave ND the game. 8 or 9 turnovers including 7 fumbles. We fumbled the ball away 2 times inside our 20 to set up 2 ND TD's and then fumbled away a TD on the 3 yd line to pull within 4 midways through the 3rd quarter. Not to mentioned the fumble that lead to ND final score. That is 28 points right there. Michigan outplayed ND by far in every aspect on both sides of the ball and lose because they cannot cover up the football. And I don't wanna hear any excuses about the weather because ND didn't fumble the ball and they actually picked up a fumble that was bouncing on the ground and never broke stride for a TD. I expected some lumps this year but I would rather choke on my own vomit then to watch us give away football games every week. So far that is 2 games given away for Michigan and 2 for State. Both of these teams should be 2-1 or 3-0 instead of 1-2. Is there any chance I will ever be able to enjoy a college football season? Probably not the way things look now.

Im out.

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