Monday, September 1, 2008

Tennessee You Suck!!

How can you play a team that has a QB throw 4 int and you are domintaing the first half and should have been up 10+ at the half but instead you are up 7. Ok... But then you drive the ball all the way down to the 10 and fumble the ball away instead of going up 21-7 and then you stop them and get the ball back at the 25 and lose 12 yards in 3 plays and have to punt. Your special teams cost you 19 points because of missed fg's, blocked punt and a delay of game on a fg? Then you have to punt!! You were running all over UCLA but then after the fumble you decide to just start passing and go 3 and out. You were lucky to get to overtime and when you get there and are down 3 you play Phil Fulmer conservative football to just attempt a FG and go to the 2nd overtime. The only problem with that Fat Fulmer is that you kicker had been awful!

Way to choke away a victory and start your season off on a bad note. That is the reason that some coaches win national titles and some go to bowls on new years eve. Because of being conservative and going away from what worked all game. In the first half you played pressure defense that force 4 int but in the second half you decide to play soft and allow intermediate passes. Great job Tennessee!!!

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