Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am taking this opportunity to write about how I feel about the officiating these days in both college football and the NFL. Over the last 2 weeks I have seen some of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen on the gridiron. It started with the BYU-UW game where Jake Locker was flagged for throwing the ball some 10 feet over his head after scoring what was thought to be the game tying touchdown. This kid carried his team on his back the whole game and on the last drive converted every time and finally scored with seconds left on the clock. He throws the ball up in celebration and hugs his teammates only to see a flag come out from a retarded official for "unsportsmanlike conduct". As a result, UW has a 35 yd extra point that is blocked and they lose the game. Absolutly Terrible!

Next, I see crew after crew in the NFL throwing unneccesary flags and even one crew set a record for most penalties in a game. In football you can just about throw a flag on every play. There is a high chance that an offensive lineman is holding or an illegal hands to the face or a DB that illegally touches a WR past 5 yards. But that doesn't mean you have to be that nerdy ref that says "A rule is a rule and Im going to abide by it"! Use common sense. If it is a ticky tack foul then don't throw it. Now if it is a blatant play and affects the outcome of the play then throw it. I will call it the "common sense rule"! Have common sense!

Then on Sunday I am watching the SD-Denver game with Dustin. It was one heck of a game between 2 great offenses and Dustin even said it will come down to the end and who has the ball last. Jay Cutler rolls out and winds up to throw the ball and it very clearly slips out while his arm is moving backwards. It is an obvious fumble but Ed Hochuli, a veteran and well liked ref, blows the whistle and rules it an incomplete pass. Replay confirms it was a fumble but because of some dumb rule it cannot be overturned and the ball given to the Chargers like it should be. It would be game over and Chargers get a huge come from behind road win. So my question is why is the hell do we have replay if we still cannot get the call right. I say institute a "common sense" rule. If every fan, player and analyst can agree it is a fumble and should be Chargers ball then use common sense and give it to them.

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