Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Star Selections and what they should be.....

So many times, the all star selection is a popularity contest dominated by the big markets and the big names and many deserving players in small market areas do not receive the votes that they deserve. Now let me say this first, I am a huge Boston fan and many of our players are given "passes" because of they are and where they play. While I am happy to see Boston players playing in the Mid-Summer Classic, I am also torn in the fact that alot of players are left out or put on as reserves that should be starting instead. My question is this: Are we voting for the most popular players in the big markets, or are we voting for who we think are the most deserving players? I voted the maximum of 25 times and while I was tempted to give an extra nod to the Boston guys, I voted for the guys I thought earned it on the field.

This has become an ongoing trend over the years. We, as fans, want to see the "stars" and not so much an "up and comer" or a "johnny come lately". Here is my breakdown of what the all star teams should be and what they are:

Here is the way I see it:

American League:

C - Joe Mauer - No doubt the starter and most deserving. Reserves: Navarro - He has good numbers, and Varitek - He has done absolutely nothing to deserve an All Star invite and this is a Red Sox fan and Varitek apologist speaking. Left out: AJ Pierzynski

1B - Kevin Youkilis - Deserving of the start and the best ALL AROUND 1B in the league. Reserves: Justin Morneau - He has good numbers and deserves the all star selection. Left out: Miggy Cabrera

2B - Dustin Pedroria - He is deserving of his selection but not as the starter. No doubt Ian Kinsler has been the best 2B in the American League to date and deserves a start. Reserves: Ian Kinsler. Left out: No one really although Roberts and Lopez have done well in the first half.

SS - Derek Jeter - WHAT!?!?!? Peralta, Renteria, Crosby, Betancourt and Cabrera all have similar overall numbers to "Mr. Fist Pump". No doubt the deserving starter is Micheal Young. Reserves: Micheal Young. Left out: None really

3B Alex Rodriguez - No complaints over his numbers. He missed 20 games and still has better numbers than any other 3B. Reserves: Joe Crede - He is deserving and Carlos Guillen - He has done OK but he hasn't done anything better than Mike "one nut clutch" Lowell. Left Out: Mike Lowell

OF - Josh Hamilton, Manny Ramirez, Ichiro - Hamilton is the first half MVP and Manny and Ichiro both have good numbers but I think that JD Drew, Carlos Quentin and Grady Sizemore are all more deserving than those 2 because they have the better numbers. Manny and Ichiro should be the reserves. Reserves: Drew, Quentin, Sizemore. Left out: Crawford and Markakis.

DH - David Ortiz - This is the toughest one for me to write. I am a Big Papi lover and he is great but he is also hurt and if he cant play he shouldn't be voted as a starter. If this was a Yankee I would be irate. I'm only being honest Sox fans so don't crucify me. The deserving players at DH are Bradley and Giambi. They have better numbers and are healthy. Reserve: Bradley. Left Out: Giambi

This is just the way I see it. There are alot of guys who get voted into the all star game by name and not by numbers. We, as fans, select the starters and we should use fair judgement and not use blinders when selecting our players. We should vote for who we think is deserving. I did. I think my Boston guys like Pedroria, Lowell, Drew, Youk and Papi are all deserving but I also think we should reward the players who have put up the best numbers and give them their due.

I will do the National League tomorrow.

Sorry for the weekend layoff also. I have been real busy with my family being in town and hanging out with them and Dollar has been out of town visiting family as well. Seymour has also been busy with the holiday but we are back to normal now.


Seymour said...

1st up on the NL list... D. Lee- understandable whose ahead of him. But you have to find room for the MVP of the BEST team in baseball. Not to mention- DH this year. Got to be room for him.

Wain D said...

Well Done Haines I think you are right on the money.