Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Angels acquire Mark Texiera

Uh oh! The best team in MLB just got a lot better! The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (by the way what a retarded name) have quietly risen to the top of the ranks in the AL. With all the talk of the Rays surprising year and talks about the Yankees struggles and Manny talk, the Angels have flown under the radar and now, in my opinion, became the leader for the World Series trophy! They now have a murderers row of Vlad, Tex and Torii Hunter hitting 3,4 and 5 behind leadoff hitter Chone Figgins. They also have several bats in the lineup who do their job. They play a NL style of baseball with alot of small ball. Also, their pitching staff is pretty good as well with Lackey, Saunders and Santana at the top and have the best closer in baseball with K-Rod.

The Angels just put themselves in a great position to win it all.

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Seymour said...

Easy on that best team in baseball talk. Cubs vs. Angels WS- I predicted it preseason.