Sunday, July 13, 2008

Idiot of the Week

I am starting a new feature on the site called "Idiot of the Week"

So many times we see people in sports who just continue to screw up time after time after time. Or we see people who just do something so idiotic it makes us just sit there and say "What in the world were they thinking?" My momma always taught me to think before I acted and to surround myself with good people. She also taught me to learn from my mistakes, and believe me there have been plenty of those but I have learned from them and became stronger for doing it. So here we go with our first idiot of the week!

TRAVIS HENRY - What a dope! And I should emphasize the word DOPE since he was caught using marijuana AGAIN! What is this like the 10th time he has been busted? What a loser this guy is! He has 8 kids from 7 women and cannot get off the dope. He is a NFL RB who has plenty of money and could have a great life but he has the brain of a retarded donkey! Kick this guy out of the NFL and let him go on the streets where he belongs with the rest of the hoodlums! He does not deserve to be in the NFL! Don't worry about the one year suspension! He is getting old and he does not deserve a second chance. He has had 7 already!

Congrats Travis on being an IDIOT!

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