Friday, July 4, 2008

Holy Dogoff!!

Joey Chestnut retained his title in a close race with Takeru Kobayashi today. After 10 minutes, the two men were tied and 59 dogs and buns a piece. They went to a "dogoff" where each participant was given 5 hot dogs and whoever got them down first won. It was a close one but Chestnut defeated Kobayashi and defended his "Mustard Belt".

I, for one, don't see this as a sport like they claim to see it but I do have to say they put themselves through an awful lot in 10 minutes. Lets face it, they ate more hot dogs in 10 minutes than most people eat in a year. I would be done after 2 hot dogs so I don't see how they can eat 60+ hot dogs!

Happy 4th and hope all is well with all of our readers. Have a safe holiday and don't be stupid! Be Safe!

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