Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jerrell Powe now on a 4th grade reading level.....

and he was cleared to play at Ole Miss this season. It was reported that Powe actually named all of the colors in the rainbow correct and also was able to count to 10 without stopping. He is now on a 4th grade reading level so he is ok to go to Ole Miss.

And if you happen to be around any Ole Miss fans then get ready for the Jevan Snead and Jerrell Powe for Heisman bumper stickers. It is quite funny that neither of these guys have ever played a down of SEC football. Ole Miss has all kinds of hype and even the geniuses at EA Sports seem to think Ole Miss will be in Atlanta come December because they have them ranked 84 overall and above many good teams.

Let us remember this is the same Ole Miss team that went 3-9 last year. I will admit not having the human rhinoceros at head coach is a good thing but they are still the doormat of the SEC West!

Here you go Ole Miss fans:


Dollar said...

That was a great article. Congratulations to ole miss to lowering there academic standards to the same as Itawamba Community college. Ill bet anybody 20 bucks hes arested or kicked off the team by the years end.

Seymour said...

Great stuff Haines... Has a kid ever retired from college football? Isn't he like forty, now?

Jay said...

Wait a minute...

On a PUNT, this guy runs straight up the middle and is touched by only one guy-- a white boy doing his best impression of a bullfighter, "Olé!".

And why did they fire Orgeron?

Not to mention the stupid firing of Cutcliffe?

Then they hire who? Some "nut" from the backwoods of Arkansas.

At least we (the Gamecocks) have Ole Miss to look down on. lol For crying out loud, their stadium (45,000 capacity or something pathetic like that) is named after a suicidal-masochistic writer. How weird is that?