Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SEC preseason picks (East)

1.) Florida Gators-Too many weapons not to win. They very possibly could win the National title.

2) Georgia Bulldogs- The second best team in the SEC, offensive line questions still need to be aswered. If they do answer those questions a National title is not out of the question.

3.) Tennessee Vols- Strong running game, but they have holes to fill and a tough schedule.

4.) South Carolina Gamcocks-The ol ball coach will have his guys ready to play, the problem is they are just not good eough to compete for a title.

5.) Kentucky Wildcats- The Loss of Woodson and other key players means no bowling for the Wildcats.

6) Vanderbilt Commodores- There is nothing I can say about them that you dont already know.

Tommorrow I will pick the west.


Seymour said...

Coin flip for Gators and Dawgs. It won't matter; both are class of SEC. Winner of "Cocktail Party" should play for the title!

Bo Thompson said...

I agree with Seymour. I see it playing out like this..... Georgia and Bama in the title game for a rematch where Georgia wins again. It breaks my soul to say such a thing, but after watching last years Sugar Bowl, WOW! Athens will be the place to be this fall.

Seymour said...

Don't forget about the fighting visors of S.C.- Spurrier has been too quiet for too long. He gets a few breaks; maybe he's back in the ATL. Damnit I cannot wait. See ya'll in T-Town!!!