Thursday, July 31, 2008

Manny being GONE!

How do you say goodbye? Aloha, Arrivederci, Adios, so long and good riddence! In a 3 team deal, struck and the very last minute, Manny Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers and Boston got Jason Bay in return.

First off, I want to say that I know the numbers Manny put up in Boston and yes he was a integral part of 2 World Series Championship teams. But he also created alot of headaches for his teammates, fans and the front office with his antics both on and off the field. Do I think Jason Bay is as good as Manny? No! But I thik Jason Bay with half the money is worth it than Manny at 2o LARGE! We can now take the extra money to pursue a viable shortstop other than Julio "CRAP" Lugo! Let us not forget that Jason Bay is a 29 year all star who can hit .300/30/100 as well.

I think that this is the only move the Red Sox could make with Manny. He forced their hand and they had to move him. He is the forth highest paid player in baseball who puts up stats equal to Jason Bay at less money.

I think that most of Red Sox Nation will miss Manny and his funny antics but they will not miss his bitching and moaning and distractions. The one thing that worries me in this deal is how it affects David Ortiz. Papi and Manny were very close and I just hope that Papi can see the business side of it for the Red Sox and that it wasn't a personal deal. Manny made it personal with is remarks about the Red Sox and his mouth. The Sox did what they had to do and I am just fine with how it went down.


Ryan said...

Haines all you talk about is the damn Red Sox win they can't even beat the Rays. Why dont we start talking about winners this year. The Chicago Cubs are the team for this year so start looking at their page first every mornin g instead of the boston news oh yeah were is your onfo about yalls new big leagure Jason Bay aint got much to say about him.

Dollar said...

Now we find out how big a "DISTRACTION" Manny was, now we will find out what the sox are made of.

Seymour said...

New Hope High School has been in more pressure situations than Bay... Who knows, maybe he will be great. But, you can't throw around his stat when he was playing in front of 15 people everynight. Good Luck Sox!!!

Haines said...

When the Cubs win a DAMN WORLD SERIES I will talk about them. Until then just remember STEVE BARTMAN!!!!!

Jay said...

Screw Manny.

I'm sure he has a trade approval clause in his contract. So, I would give him the option:

1) Trade to Washington Nationals (38-70, .352, worst record in baseball; or

2) Stay with the Red Sox and get fined (through the players' kangaroo court, which every team has and nobody refutes their verdicts, probably binding with the players' union or something) $1 million for every ground ball he doesn't run-out, $1 million for every error, $250,000 for every strikout, $1 million for every inch of hair, etc.

Screw Manny. May he receive the same love B Bonds is getting.


Seymour said...

And I'm a realist... it was Alex Gonzalez that cost us a shot at the World Series, not Bartman. Look it up!

Haines said...

And Rast please learn to write with proper grammer!!! You sound like Jerrell Powe for crying out loud!! My God I got a headache reading your post!

Haines said...

And I would love to know what I copied from the Boston Globe too! Was it the Jerrell Powe article? The Tex one? The Manny one since Dollar was here when I did it? Cmon now! Dont accuse someone of that unless it is true!

I don't even go to an of the Boston news sites. I read, and so you can go to them from now on to see if I am copying!

Seymour said...

And you misspelled "any" Jerrell.